A CIB Commission is a worldwide network of experts in a defined scientific area who meet regularly and exchange information on a voluntary basis.

The scope, objectives and work programme of each Commission are defined by its members and officially approved by the CIB Board at the recommendation of the CIB Programme Committee.

Most Commissions have one Coordinator, who is appointed by its members and by the CIB Board at the recommendation of the CIB Programme Committee. Some Commissions have not one but two Joint Coordinators and some have a Secretary also.

Some Commissions have set up Working Groups to focus on specific parts of the work programme and some have established their own projects in which Commission members or their institutes collaborate.

Most Commissions have annual plenary meetings, which are organised by a CIB member organisation represented in the Commission. Certain Commissions however, have more frequent plenary meetings and/or additional meetings of their Working Groups. Also most Commissions at regular intervals organise an international symposium, conference or workshop.

Most Commissions produce official publications featuring their output which are then distributed within the CIB community and sold externally.

A growing number of these Commissions now have their own Home Page and there are also some which have a liaison with an officially CIB Encouraged Journal covering their particular area of expertise. Also some Commissions have set up their own international Student Chapter

For each Commission detailed information on its Scope and Objectives, Work Programme, Meeting Schedule, Realised and Planned Publications, External Relations and Membership can also be accessed HERE.