Career Opportunities

CIB is excited to find new staff members for our Secretariat Team! We are looking for applicants who share our values of diversity, inclusiveness, collaboration, and leadership.

You can access the current opportunities by checking the job postings here .
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About CIB

We are
the world’s foremost platform for international cooperation and information exchange related to Research and Innovation for Building and Construction.

We have a worldwide network of about 3,000 experts from approximately 300 organisations with a research, university, industry or government background, who cooperate in around 50 Commissions collectively addressing all aspects of Building and the Built Environment. The scientific areas in which these Commissions operate include: Building and Construction Technology, Design of Buildings and the Built Environment and the Building Process.

We share publications produced via the CIB Commissions including: Research Roadmaps, Conference Proceedings, State-of-the-Art Analyses, Practice Guidelines and Pre-standardisation documents.

We support a selection of about 25 international scientific journals that focus on aspects of Building and the Built Environment and actively support and engage in scientific venues organised by our Commissions and Members.

We collaborate
with national and international Student Chapters.

Our acronym is rooted in its founding French name "Conseil International du Bâtiment (CIB)" when we were first established in 1953. While the CIB acronym was preserved over time, we are also known today as the “International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction”.

About CIB employment

CIB is synonymous with excellence in research and innovation in the Built Environment. We are looking for employees who possess the same level of excellence in their work, dedicated to expanding and building upon the foundation of work that has been achieved over the past 65 years.

We employ a core staff complement to administer CIB activities and support its various programs. CIB staff work closely with elected Board Members and dedicated Committee volunteers.

We are launching our new CIB administrative office in Ottawa, Canada and are building a new team in the process that will grow CIB to new heights. If you are self-motivated, goal oriented, and have an entrepreneurial spirit, we want to hear from you!

We also engage volunteers globally for our Committee work and these volunteer opportunities are listed on our Career page.

CIB Location

Ottawa, the capital city of Canada is located on the bank of the Ottawa River and borders Gatineau, Quebec. With a population of close to one million, it is the fourth largest city in Canada and is known as the political center of Canada. A multi-cultural well educated community and high standard of living has made Ottawa one of the best places to live for high quality of life and low unemployment… a small town feel with a big city presence!