Fee System And How To Join

CIB Fee Subscription Tariff

All CIB Members pay an annual membership fee. Three Fee Levels are defined.

The actual amounts for each Fee Level are established by the CIB Board and confirmed by the CIB General Assembly.

The Membership Fee system is a benefit-based system, in which (organizational) Members chose their own Membership Category, each of which entitles a Member to a different package of Member Benefits.

CIB Brochure

Membership Benefits

All Members are invoiced the Membership Fee that reflects their chosen Membership Category and the registered number of Commission Memberships for that year.

The invoice will include an extra of ÔéČ100 for each registered Commission Membership (excluding Commission Coordinators) over the defined maximum number for the respective Membership Category. (see table)

The maximum number for Full Members = 36, Associate Members = 18, Individual Members = 2.

Membership will be automatically renewed each calendar year, unless cancelled in writing 3 months before the year end.

At the 2016 General Assembly following Fee Levels were decided.


Unless Inflation in The Netherlands over 2017 and 2018 deviates substantially from the current (June 2016) assumption (between 0 and 1%) the fees will not be increased ore decreased in 2019 and 2020.

Fee Reduction per Country
A reduction is offered of 50% to all fees for Members in countries with a GNIpc less than USD 1000 and a reduction of 25% to all fees for Members in countries with a GNIpc between USD 1000-7000, as defined by the World Bank (See here )

Reward for Prompt Payment
All above indicated fee amounts will be increased by 10%. Members will subsequently be rewarded a 10% reduction in case of actual payment received within three months after the invoice has been sent.

Payment by CreditCard
Individual Members are allowed to pay via CreditCard, for which a form can be downloaded here

How to join CIB

Request for Information for a CIB Membership Application

If you are not yet a CIB Member or employed by a CIB Member Organisation, and if you would like to apply for CIB Membership, the CIB General Secretariat can send you the CIB Membership Application Form.
Request an application form by filling out the required information and press "Send".
Just fill out the information that is applicable to you.
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